11 фитнес девушек, которые вернут вам желание заниматься спортом

2016-02-02 | 15:37 , Категория фото

Эти фитнес-красавицы с радостью рассказывают своим подписчикам то, какие упражнениями они делают для поддержания такой прекрасной физической формы и как питаются. Пусть их странички в Инстаграм станут вашей мотивацией для занятий спортом.

1. Эмили Скай

Эмили Скай из Австралии является автором собственной фитнес-программы.Благодаря тридцатидневному курсу, который состоит из физических упражнений и правильного питания, она помогает девушкам по всему миру поверить в собственные силы и достичь желаемой

A self portrait!️ I love expressing myself creatively like this, I love photography, fitness & being in front of the camera so it's fun to be able to combine them all! . . How many times do you NOT do something because of what someone else might think? Seriously no matter what you do people are always going to disagree with you and no matter who you are people are always going to dislike you! Give up trying to please everyone else, stop letting their opinions manipulate you and make decisions for yourself without the fear of what others might think. If you're always living to please other people you will never please them all and you definitely won't be happy yourself. If someone in your life doesn't want you to do what makes you happy because of how it makes THEM feel then I think you should ignore their opinions. They totally have their own agenda and don't truly care about you! Live for you, not for other people who don't truly care about you and stop letting these peoples opinions upset you. Don't let these people hold you back from being the REAL you. Learn to laugh off their negative and critical behavior and focus on your life, happiness and your loved ones. That's all that truly matters! . ________________________________________ My Meals & Exercise Programs: www.emilyskye.com/fit - Click the link in my profile! . Workout vids: @emilyskyefitness . Snapchat: emilyskyefit . Be sure to turn on "Post Notifications" at the top right hand corner of my profile under: " • • • " so you don't miss my posts. ️ . . #emilyskye #emilyskyefit #fit #fitness #fitfam #exercise #fitspo #fitlife #healthy #fitbody #beyourbest #inspiration #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation

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2. Кейси Катанзаро - гимнастка, ставшая первой девушкой, дошедшей до финала шоу American Ninja Warrior

Hanging out with #TeamNinjaWarrior at the #NBCUTCA ️ #MightyKacy #AmericanNinjaWarrior

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3. Мисти Коупленд - первая афроамериканка-балерина в Американском театре балета

@underarmourwomen “Finding your power doesn’t have to be scary. Instead, it makes you feel in control, strong and proud.” - @mistyonpointe

A photo posted by Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe) on Dec 28, 2015 at 3:22pm PST

4. Робин Арзон - бегунья, ведущая фитнес-блог под названием "SHUTUPANDRUN"("заткнись и беги").

Vibes flowing with dozens of powerful chicas. I am positive energy. #PureBOOSTX @adidasrunning @adidaswomen

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5. Аманда Биск - бывшая австралийская бегунья с шестом, которая теперь работает фитнес-инструктором

Morning walk to my fave cafe along the west coast with @_adamdunne ️️ It feel so good to take it a little easier today...My body is so sore after a full week of #freshbodyfitmind workouts AND yesterday's TEST workout!! Coffee time then off to work on some stuff for you guys!! Can't wait to show you!! Happy weekend fam! ab️x www.amandabisk.com/freshbodyfitmind #Perth #westernaustralia

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6. Сьюзанн Хейн - вдохновенный писатель и инструктор по йоге

Hello beautiful people! I need your input. I'm working on this very special e-course, The Big Shift. It's 40 days of meditation, kundalini yoga and healing. Would receiving an email from me every day for 40 days make you hate me? I want to motivate everyone to keep up with the program, and plan to send mindful reading along small daily sacred soul assignments six days each week. Is this too much? I want to help you without overwhelm, so let me know what you think! Thank you!

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7. Идалис Веласкес - бывшая легкоатлетка, которая переквалифицировалась в персонального фитнес-инструктора.

#SundayFunday with Plank Side Hops with the lovely @rocky_barnes for #C9atTarget. Partner One will get down into a forearm plank. Partner 2 performs lateral (sideways) jumps over their partner for 30 seconds. Switch partners and repeat 3-5 times. Happy Sunday! ️ #ivfitness #livelifeinmotion #abs #plyometrics #cardio #fitnesstips #workouts #fun

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8. Джанет Дженкинс - фитнес-тренер таких знаменитостей, как Серена Уильямс, Пинк, Алиша Киз

The 10Day #AbBlast Challenge is making a comeback! ️It's live in the #VirtualGym @hollywoodtrainerclub www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com and we will be doing it TOGETHER starting Monday Jan.18th! Grab a friend login to the club @hollywoodtrainerclub www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com and join us! ️Post a message on the #Community page and let us know you're down! ️ #WorkoutMotivation #MondayMotivation #Abblast #BetterTogether #JeanetteJenkins #TheHollywoodTrainerClub #abworkout #abchallenge

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9. Джен Синклер пишет статьи о спорте для журналов и работает фитнес-инструктором в Миннеаполисе

Since today is my birthday, I decided (a couple hours ago, good planning!) to run a discount of $3.70 off ANY item in my online store when you use the code "37strong" at checkout ($3.70 will be deducted from your total). Shop it up at http://www.jensinkler.com/shop (live link in profile)! # #‎happybirthdayleos #‎strongrrrr [: @mritty85]

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10. Челси Корус - инструктор по йоге из Лос-Анджелеса. Она также занимается боевыми искусствами, танцами, гимнастикой и акробатикой

have faith. #awakeandcaptivated #seethegood #embraceit #openheart #patience #happiness #faith #myvibe #yogaeverydamnday #daringgreatly #brenebrown #breakingthrough #whativaluemost #truthseeker

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11. Эллисон Феликс - американская бегунья на короткие дистанции. 4-кратная олимпийская чемпионка и 10-кратная чемпионка мира.

A photo posted by Allyson Felix (@af85) on Sep 8, 2015 at 7:44am PDT