Зачем я это узнал: что будет, если потерять 92 кг

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История 25-летней Симон Андерсон (Simone Anderson) впечатляет. Почти 2 года назад ее вес составлял 169 килограммов, но благодаря гастропластике девушке удалось похудеть на 92 киллограмов меньше, чем за 12 месяцев. Причем на этом она не закончила и в 2015 согласилась на 9-часовую операцию по удалению лишней кожи. Теперь, когда основные трудности позади, Симон активно тренируется и следит за своим питанием.

Разница между этими снимками около 36 килограмм

The human body is incredible that's for sure, the places it has taken me, the huge changes it has witnessed and how much it continues to change still blows my mind. In the photo on the left I had already lost 56kg, and now the photo on the right is after losing 92kg. So there is an apx 36kg difference between the two photos!

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По словам Симон, гастропластика кардинально изменила ее жизнь

Week 88 Update From 169kg (372 pounds) to 77kg (169 pounds) - a total loss of 92kg (202 pounds) - I'm 181cm tall (5"11). For the who are seeing my journey for the first time this is over the course of just over one year and eight months, I began my journey on August 29th 2014 then had Gastric Sleeve Surgery on October 29th 2014 - I have completely changed my lifestyle, diet and exercise. I am thirty three weeks post opp abdominoplasty, bra line backlift, breast lift & augmentation by @drrepta_plasticsurgery (so basically most of my lose skin has been removed apart from that on my upper thighs and bottom). For those that will ask sports bra is from @hardyfitnessandfashion pants & shoes are @nikewomen To find out more indepth infornation on my journey and tips head to www.journeytohealth.co.nz

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Спустя 2 года, спорт остается для нее не самым простым делом, но она заставляет себя заниматься

These side by side comparisons definitely keep me striving for more, if you are own your own journey don't forget to document each step along the way even if it's just for your personal record to look back over!

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After losing 92kg, my skin of course was stretched to far and couldn't bounce back, just over 30 weeks ago I under went skin removal with @drrepta_plasticsurgery. It was the best decision of my life and I do not have a single regret.

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OOTD: Body suit @asos, skirt @kookai_australia, bag @michaelkors, earrings and bangle @lovisajewellery and shoes @numberoneshoes

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What an amazing transformation by @teeneyree - www.journeytohealth.co.nz "Hi simone I just wanted to say thank u for all ur amazing post on Facebook Instagram and you tube it help with my decision to have gastric sleeve surgery in June 2015 as my starting weight was 164kgs and my dr keep telling me I was going to die young and be very sick from being so big. I'm finally in double figures lol but still have 29.3kgs till goal weight then will be looking at getting the skin removed. But seeing all ur post and videos helps me keep strong when I not Losing weight or my head hunger gets the better of me. The picture are at my biggest weight 164kgs and now at 99.3kg"

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Wedding selfies #nuusteele

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White on white on white..... @trentforsyth

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Never thought my confidence changed but these two photos show other wise. Covered up completely in the water to now feeling good rocking a two piece.

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Grow arms grow!!!

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Tonight's glam brows by @luciabeautyboutique and lashes @lasheyelashextensions

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When I first started to see @waisttrainer_nzaus appear all over social media I was extremely sceptical to say the least, but after having the opportunity to try one for myself I can say I'm converted. I've been using one for 5 months now since before my skin removal surgery and even used it during my recovery when I experienced bloating. For me the main benefit is that they force you to have good posture, and being a tall girl at 5"11 I have the tendency to slouch or lower myself to be at other peoples levels, this totally prevents me from doing that which I love. They also compress against your stomach meaning you get fuller faster and let's be honest who doesn't love that haha. They have given me a 10% discount code "SIMONEWAIST" if you wanted to try one for yourself just head to www.waisttrainer.co.nz. PS before people say it - no I have not photoshopped my thighs in this photo. Yes the look funny and lumpy and that is because of a 92kg weight loss - i do have that funny gap at the top then my tights appear to go out as when I am standing or kneeling the skin hangs down and gathers at this point. ️

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